Organizational Changes

Richard Hicks has retired as COO of Ferroloy, Inc. after a 48-year career in the metalcasting industry. Prior to joining Ferroloy in 2016, he held leadership positions at Electron Corp, Aarrowcast, and Farrar Corp. According to Mark Soucie, President & Owner, “Richard’s leadership during some very challenging times has been invaluable to our company’s history and helped position us for future success.” Richard’s responsibilities have been reallocated across our leadership team with the majority of those responsibilities falling to Brett Soucie who was promoted to Director – Foundry Operations. Mark Soucie added, “Brett’s experience as a sales manager for us over the past 3 years has prepared him well to take on foundry operations. He is also a key player in our leadership team.”

Along with the promotion of Brett Soucie, Ferroloy announces the hiring of John Herndon as Sales Manager. John is a long-time resident of Wichita and is moving back after spending 6 years in Arkansas. Throughout John’s career he has started several successful businesses and is bringing that same entrepreneurial experience to Ferroloy. Per Mark Soucie, President, “We are fortunate to hire John as a new Sales Manager and excited to see him bring his entrepreneurial experience to Ferroloy.”