Ferroloy Embraces Industry 4.0

To continue its journey to fully unlock the capacity of its equipment, improve quality and safety, and reduce downtime, Ferroloy is going all in by investing in Industry 4.0 technologies. The journey started to take shape when they invested in 3D printing to make all its gating in the pattern shop in 2022.

They are now working with Robert Sinto Corporation to installing their eVPS system to their FDNX molding machines to develop a predictive maintenance capability with the vision of adding this functionality to its Sinto barinders. In addition, they are working with ARTek Consulting, B&L, and Inductive Automation to replace antiquated paper-based systems with HMIs and connect all major equipment components to Inductive Automation’s Ignition SCADA software to efficiently implement LEAN manufacturing concepts.

According to Mark Soucie, president, “We believe that our Industry 4.0 efforts will increase our capacity by 25% within the next two years and help us become one of the most efficient small iron foundries in the country.”