Ferroloy makes significant push to expand its tool making capabilities

Tool making

As a part of the building expansion in May 2020 which included a dedicated pattern shop, Ferroloy took the next step by expanding its toolmaking capabilities with the purchase of simulation software that will allow for faster part onboarding to produce a sound first article. Also the new Faro arm with scanning software and HP 3D Printer gives Ferroloy the capability to optimize gating during the planning phase of making or modifying patterns.

The accumulation of these investments plus the additional resources to execute should allow Ferroloy to be a top tier pattern shop.

As shared by Mark Soucie, President & Owner, “Expanding our toolmaking capabilities is critical for Ferroloy to respond to our customers’ onboarding and tool management requirements. Internally, to be competitive we need to continue our efforts to reduce scrap and improve yields which will ultimately expand capacity so we can better serve our customers.”