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Ferroloy, Inc. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified iron foundry operating since 1950. We produce high quality ductile iron castings as well as gray iron castings for agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, hydraulic valves & cylinders, construction equipment, industrial valves and other applications.

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Our iron foundry in Wichita, KS is capable of providing iron castings, moldings, cores, and metal finishing to every part we cast. By being strategically located in the center of the United States, we can quickly deliver cast iron parts to our customers.

Made in USA     ISO 9001 quality assured

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Our Foundry Provides Turnkey Solutions

The material science that goes into designing, developing and producing quality iron castings can be quite complex and critical to your success.  We can be a valued cast iron parts supplier by:

  • Providing clear communication to enable reliable planning
  • Casting experience to provide valuable technical services
  • Embracing the challenges for complex ductile or gray iron castings
  • Willingness to cast low volume parts to keep inventory levels lower
  • Openness to invest capital to respond to future needs
  • Consistently deliver first quartile performance in scrap rates, customer returns and on-time delivery

Cast Iron Parts Manufacturer

Industries We Serve

Our casting foundry manufactures ductile iron and gray iron parts for a variety of industries including: Heavy Construction, Hydraulic Valves, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Valves, and Agricultural Machinery.

While these represent the majority of our customer base, we welcome customers from any industry to contact us. Whether you need a couple hundred parts, or a couple thousand parts, Ferroloy, Inc. is ready to learn more about your needs.

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From idea to final assembly, we’re your turnkey solution for cast iron parts.

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